Special offers for Autumn 2007 - We will carry out a series of Computer Hardware Preventative Maintenance procedures on your Personell Computer or Lap Top. We are introducing Offers for Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec this year in all Areas of our Business provided that you live within 6 miles drive of our Business. These offers Cover Setting up a New Wired or Wireless Network, Providing you with Over the Telephone and Email support if you are a recent customer. Provision of a typed, clear report, of what is / was wrong with your Hardware and Software
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 !  Computing Servicing Special offers offered to you if you live in Reading, Winnersh, Barkham, Sonning, Twyford Berks, Shinfield, Lower Earley, Hurst, Earley, Whitley Wood, Littlewick Green, Knowle Hill, White Waltham, Grazeley, Spencers Wood, Riseley, Heckfield or Mortimer, Sindlesham, Chapel Green, Caversham, Tilehurst, Silchester, or Burghfield Common

We can give Advice on Blocking Spywear, plus help with prevention of catching Spywear infections.

We can also give advice on how to Edit and store your digital photos as well as how to display them.

If you have Email but you want to ensure that you can get your e mail on a Cruise ship in Skagway we can set this up and train you how to do this.

We can check out every aspect of your Computer Hardware to find any fault that is bugging you.

If you have a Web Site and you want one to one SEO Training and particular help with Page rankings we can do that also, for a very competative rate.

If you have an Internet Connection and it is slow so you want to upgrade your Connection to the World Wide Web we can do that.

Special offers current at Chephrenrepairs.com for all work carried out in September, October November and December 2007 >>

1. The Earley Bird Offer : If you live within 4 Miles of Maiden Earleigh we will charge a call out fee of Nothing.

2. Internet Shuffle Offer: If you call us out and you can prove that you found us using an Internet Cafe Connection to our Web Site ( Show Recent Receipt), We will buy you a coffee or Capachino or Hot Chocolate, and pay for you to have 30 minutes use on their internet Connection, providing you live within 4 miles radius of Central Reading Berkshire.

These offeres are both valid for the rest of this year. Each offer can only be used on its own, you can not combine them, having said that if you live within Reading and happen to fufill all criteria of both offers at the same time you can have them both for a single call out!.. That fair we think!?



 !   Web Spinners News
Lessons / Training in Web Site Design, Web Hosting, use of Many Free Web Mastering Tools and software, The Gate Way to Cheep Copies of Dream Weaver and other Web Writting software packages, plus Trainning on Open Souce Software to power the web!!. Sounds to good to be true??** Good! Come allong to Web Spinners - We have a meeting roughtly once a Fortnight in Central Reading.
Find our link to Web Spinners on our Home Page, its, not hard to find there. Please DO RING to let us know you are interested.OuR last meeting was on 5th Sep 2007, next metetting will be within the next few weeks, go to our Web Spinners Page to check.
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We can help you if you hsve problems with grtting your Web Site found, We can help if You want to get your data moved from windows 7 to windows 8. when you buy an upgrade or buy windows 8.We can help you develop a stratagy for bakking up your data or imaging your entire disk. Do you have problems with you Cable Broaadband, or do you want a Laptop Upgrade, Service or just simply a diagnosis of whats wrong? Has your Laptop got dirty and overheated!?
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