Well, there are plans and some action occurring as always at chephrenrepairs.com, at present more articles about data recovery are in the pipe line as are a few pages about basic configuration of a MySQL Server, together with some explanation of what configuration tasks must you do straight after a new installation of a MySQL Server.

Heres a couple of things that you should know if you are to install MySQL Server; Firstly when you do install a new My SQL Server, once the installation is done you will have a root user for that database Server that has a password that is blank. Now this is a real risk on a live web server or any any server with any public access at all. In any case where there is any possibility of any member of the public being able to connect to that MySql Server you should change the password of the root user. In effect give the root user a password that is over 6 characters long, and includes a mixture of letters and numbers, plus a series of characters that is not a word in the dictionary.

Make absolutely shore that you can not forget the password for the root user. Because if you do you will not be able to even create other users let alone do anything else...!!??