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This sounds like a mad question, but its not, in fact is is a simple question with a really complicated answer, and the answer is far to much to write into one blog entry, but never the less we will make a start..
Windows XP comes in several versions, there is XP Home and XP Professional. They are similar, but Professional gives you more, in fact it gives you the ability to set up a Web server, be it a Microsoft Web Server, which you do not get with XP Home,!
Ok the server is there but youdo need to look on the installation CD carefully to find it, it is called IIS See this page
But, once you have a IIS (Information Services Server), don't you need expensive software to write web pages...!!?
Well may be, anyway, look once you decide to install XP, you need to be sure that you have a current and genuine product key, because with out this you could become unstuck really fast,
You may need to have a product key to activate Windows XP.....
If you install Windows Xp and then do not activate it, it will only work for 30 days which could be a little embarrassing.. especially after 30 days if you see what i mean..
You do not need to activate it immediately, but clearly you might as well because you want it to work for eternity or even two eternitys don't you.

Once activated of course that's not the end of it,, is it i mean there all the blinking windows updates that you may or may not need , want or need...!!!??
But before think about that, think about.. what is this blog about.... it is about what order to do things in....if you install windows....

Windows XP bless it comes with no anti virus software, and not a particularly wondrous firewall, therefore your first job is to install a decent firewall, there are lots of them available, then an anti spy wear program, then an anti virus program, possibly in tha order....
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This is tricky, and the first problem is not buying the equipment or plugging in the hardware, no the problem is exactly how do you configure the Access Point or Repeater to basically either work as an Access Point or a Repeater.

A lot of the documentation that you get when you buy the hardware does not really help. essentially firstly you need to understand that you can not configure an Access Point or Repeater unless you firstly connect it to your Wireless Modem Router with a network cable, that is of course a wire, a straight through network cable, eg cat6 cable with two rJ45 connectors on the ends of it.

Initially you can not connect to your network repeater or AP (access point) unless you connect it to your router with a cable. There is more to this, you need to firstly configure your Lan port to have a static address, and of course then you need to open a web browser and point it at the address of the particular box that you attach to you Lan port. You can find the address from the documentation you get with you Wireless Access point or Repeater.

You can not of course set up a Wireless AP / Repeater as both an Access Point and as a Repeater. it needs to be configured as one or the other.... right...

The problem is that it is not easy to get a wireless access point / repeater to act as a repeater. to qualify this, you need to get an ip address from the DHCP Server that is on your Lan or loacal area network. You can not have two DHCp Servers leasing out ip addresses on a single local area network!!
Here is a quote taken directly from the netgear,com web site:

"Bridging and repeating are ways to jump the gap. When access points are used as bridges, that's the only function they have: their antennas aren't available to connect to a computer's adapters, for example. Point-to-point bridging is when one access point talks directly to one other. Point-to-multipoint bridging is when an access point talks directly to more than one access point.

Repeating using access points is another way to jump the gap but here the access points can also be used to talk to other wireless clients. That is, the access point could also talk directly to your laptop's adapter.

It might seem like repeating gets you the best of both worlds, but the limited bridging approach may be easier to configure and control. For example, bridges and repeaters must use the same channel. If you have areas where two repeaters are broadcasting strongly to the same place inbetween the interference may cause a drop in performance. Regardless, an access point that is only used to transmit to another access point will be faster in dense traffic situations than one that also has to talk with adapters."

Their words not mine.....

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Lets say hypothetically you join the FSB, Federation of Small Businesses, and you go to a networking meeting, you are bound to meet some one that knows all about IT or Add words or SEO or promoting Web Sites or knows how to extend a Wi- Fi networks of make a Cat 5 cable from scratch ... right..... well maybe...... if your lucky...
Well strangely this is true..... and another thing Why when you go to Google and type in the Words Computer Repairs Reading do you find that little company called on page one, may be at the top of page one, a bit odd is'nt it!!"*(*&^&
well perhaps..... we wondered as we munched on the Sandwiches, a few things, firstly would there be any IT consultants there that know more than I do, well probably, but what can there be to learn about IT!! ?? really.... well lots actually.....
You need to realize that know one person knows everything, no man is an island!!!! and also, that is now reaching the point where we are running courses in SEO right in the Heart of Reading in Berkshire, that's the Royal County of Berkshire in the UK (United Kingdom).... and we are getting inquiries from various places including across the pond, and thats not the garden pond, know what i mean,!! and people that are e commerce professionals!"$%%^//// whattt....
Ok so here is the nitty gritty... i.e where the rubber hits the road... We meet a few very interesting people including a man from tech-i IT Consultancy and a man from Rhema Tech Logic, these are people in the know with matters to do with IT..... Here are links to their web sites tech-it IT Consulancy or here is an other link Rhema Tech Logic
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We have ran a very successful SEO course right in the Centre of Reading and we are lineing up the next one which is attracting interest from e commerce women in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire as well as from the United States, pushing into a truly global company!!??
The next course is scheduled and you can see details at
Can you attend. if you think so then contact chephrenrepairs on 0118 9352873 or 07519 134333. or simply just fill in the form on the home page of
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Ok So we are writing an article all about how do you you exstend a Wi- Fi network, to see this go to
and take a look....
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Well loads of stuff including, just how do you stop people putting those horrid comments into your blog entries advertising Penis Extensions and links to Sex Toys at Home and Birth Control pills ect. Plus how do you change nucleus so that there are in fact links inside the blogs main page back to your web site. Also coming very soon links to pictures from the Classic Car Rally in Corsica where you will see some nice pictures of Old Cortinas, a pre 1954 Morris Minor a load or Porsche's and Mercs, plus of course the Triumph Stag and even some shots of an old VW Beetle!
Ok so how do you place links into Nucleus right back to your web site... well it involves just a few simple steps these steps are detailed right here.
1. You need to have some kind of editor that allows you to edit web pages, and simple editor that can recognize HTML will do, there are loads of them available.
2. You need a way of getting a simple html file from your web server onto your computer and ultimately putting it back onto your web server latter. (You can use Dream Weaver for this or you can use FileZilla Client for this) There are a bunch of other FTP Programs that also work that you may use instead.
3. You should look on your web server, which of course you have access to as it your server ( be it rented from some one else.... which of course it probably is in most cases?) look the file you need to get is inside the nuc directory, specifically it is nuc/skins/default/
4. get this file from your web server make a really clear note where you got the file from, then back it up before you edit it, then edit it.
5. All you need to do is to "edit the bit of HTML that creates the links", nothing else. Then save the file, then simply put the new edited file back onto the web server in exactly the same place it came from.
6. Finally to see the changed look of Nucleus You May Need to refresh the page that displays your Nucleus Blog!

Ok.. You may Need Help in A. using FileZilla or B. in knowing exactly which parts of the to edit. Well strangely that is exactly what the next blog entry we write will be about.. Yep

"How Do You Connect to your Web Server Using FileZilla Client"

But here is a hint. Firstly: You should use Cpanel to create an FTP account on your web Server. .. go into cpanel and look for the icon called FTP Manager. Create an account with a password that has some letters and numbers in it, jot this password down.
In FilleZilla to connect you must put in three pieces of information the name of the web server eg, (put this into the Host Box) the name of the ftp account ( put this into the Username box) eg: and the password, (put this into the password box)
all of these can be entered in lower case. You probably will not need a port but it is just possible that one may be required... Rather than guess: contact your hosting company and ask them this specific question directly.., but before you do try just leaving the port box blank...