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Right at the beginning of the GTA IV game you will need to Go with Roman to the Hardware store in his cab, unfortumateley you need to use his fairly hopeless light brown cab to go to the hardware store to get of course some hardware! But as you know from the previous Blog at the "Screeching Bald Eagle" you are really just going too keep an eye on Roman in case the Albanian or Algerian on what ever loan sharks turn up to collect their money that Roman has already spent!!! You can of course get hold of a weapon at this stage in the game by running over a police man using a car you are driving and picking up his pistol that will be on the floor surrounded by a red marker and then getting back in to the car and getting out of the area before the police can catch up with you... But there is no point in trying to kill the loan sharks because that is not possible.... it might be handy though to have the gun and the bullets you get with it!!! Romans apartment is very near KETOBLIN the Caviar shop, they sell lovely caviar top quality, very smooth and silky and not at an unreasonable price!!! The Phone number of the KETOBLIN Store is 855770, that is actually an old number and has been on the tattey shop front fold out blind from the days when there was no 9 put in front of Reading phone numbers and the owner of the shop has not had enough time or money to get the sign changed!!

Drive to Romans apartment at the beginning of the game and then completed the mission called "Its Your Call", all you need to do is to as explained in the Blog Article Grand Theft Auto IV for XBox 360 How to Kick ASS... you simply need to call Roman on the mobile phone when the Albanian scum loan sharks arrive and warn him that they have arrived. Then you need to wait until Roman is in the car and then drive the hell out of there rapid like!!!, back to the Cab firms office. You can then take a walk up the road if you like and get some fresh air, but when you are strolling up the road you may get a text from Roman saying he needs help back at the taxi office urgently... start the next mission "Three's a Crowd" just sort out the Albanian Scum bags and then think how are you going to get those computers fixed that the those Albanian nerds trashed in the Taxi office.....??

You need a reliable Computer Hardware Repair Shop, perhaps there very same one that Roman was going to go to!! Fortunately there’s a Computer Repair Shop just near Lennies Fire Proof Doors Co. Round the corner from the office that can fix your computer, they are down a little alley: past a dog leg next door to a little kiosk selling rizzlers, Nobbly condoms and warm Roasted Chestnuts, a dot com companey thats fully able to sort out your VDU or you IBM Think pad or any other Laptop you are carrying about your person. Whilst you sitting in your reciently Jacked Hummer listning to Russian pop songs and polishing your receintly aquired Police issue revolver, give chephrenrepairs a ring on 0118 9352873 or use the cell: 07519 1342333 you can find a link to their web site in the links section of this blog
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Liberty City – what a crazy place this is. Grotty quayside location, GOD, who’d wanna be here? We all do dumb things.....that’s what makes us human. Why is Roman always drunk? Doesn’t he care?
Anyway, the first job is to drive to Roman’s place, in this pregnant mule of a taxi. Now what?
Hit the A button to cut scene. Now I can leave the apartment to go outside. Hijack first car I like, ooo anything I fancy tonight? [Hit the Y button to jack the car]
[ Drive to capital R on the map] We are at Roman’s taxi firm, JEEZ, it’s slimy.

[go with Roman to hardware store] Oh no, we’re at the gambling den. Roman’s inside and it looks like he’s losing real bad real bad, I gotta get Roman outta here
[answer call from Roman]The big bad boys have arrived.
[Phone Roman to warn him - Cross pad on controller to ring Roman]
"Get out, guy. They're comin' to getya."
[car chase ensues - pedal to the metal]
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You may know that have offered SEO training as an intensive course over one Day in the very Centre of Reading in Berkshire for some time, but what you won't realize is that we are going to be rewriting the course to make it both better and probably a little longer - effectively making it in to an Instructor Lead course for up to 7 participants held over two days of about 6 and a half hours long.
The other thing that is just getting to the planning stage is the opportunity to have some Search Engine Optimisation or is it Optermization training delivered directly to your Computer Desktop, via an actual Remote Access Session, these have the advantage that you simply can pay for say 2 hours and get 2 hours of training give in a one to one bases with out you having to drive to a training centre or building in Reading and with out us having to leave home either!!

We are planning to deliver specific modules of the Dragons Den SEO Course straight to you, so you can actually see what you need to do directly from the comfort of your own computer...... now that both convenient and simple and involves no boring driving.
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Are you wondering what chephrenrepairs actually does, or wondering what is the whole point of based in the Heart of Maiden Erleigh, in this blog article we give you not only the answers but direct links to pages at our web site and an overview of the purpose of the Firm. Firstly here is the link to our who are we Page > Contact Computer Repairs in Earley Reading Berkshire RG6 thats simple isn't it....... Yes we have an e mail a land line a mobile and if you look a little closer at our home page you see we have a little simple and short form you can fill in here is the link to our home page directly >

So what do we do it is simple we repair computers, more less all of them, we both Repair Tower PCS Desk Top PC'S and of course Laptops........ we tend to offer a service that is highly competative, we know that you want to make the decision between slinging the computer in the Shed where the Fly mo is and buy another one or get you current Machine properly repaired and working at full tilt for considerably less money: A simple premis really and one that even the village nit wit can understand after drinking 10 pints of krononberg!!?

So what type of work do we get involved in, well we do all of the following but not necessarily in this order!!
* We will solve any Booting up issue, what ever is causing it.
* We undertake Data Recovery and that can be from any media you can think of.
* If you have any problems with either you Broadband Connection or you wired or Wireless Network we is sort it out
* Have you broken the Screen of your Laptop we fix thouse, has your DVD Drive just ceased working or you screen just gone very dark as Black!
* We can determine if you have downloaded a spoof anti virus program or have been infected with either a virua or some nastly Spywear of Malwear
* Have you got a web site and you simply an not be found we do offer a Short Very intence 1 Day SEO Course, that is Search Engine Optimisation to you and me!!
*We can and have done work to resolve you XBox 360 Connection issues or problems see this page > Xbox 360 Connection Issuse / Problems Resolved in Reading Berkshire UK

* In some cases we will offer Remote Support. what the blinking heck is that you probably are shreeking:: Well it is possible to see the screen of your computer from my computer and for me to control your mouse..... NO you say surley not..... yes it can be done and what's more it is an excellent way of solving or may be more likely diagnosing some but by all means not all computer problems. Remote Support is the Controlling of Your Computer directly from the Bosom of Chephrenrepairs Head Quarters without an engineer even leaving his Cup of Hot English Breakfast Tea and slice of Toast and Marmallade.
* If you need any type of upgrade whether that be any piece of hardware you have seen for sale or read about in Micromart or PC Pro or seen on the Internet, we will advise and or carry out that upgrade and test that it all works correctly.

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If you have read my other blog entry about Sharing you Desktop with another Computer you will be thinking about using Windows Live Messenger to take control of another computer, we will talk about LogMeIn in another blog article comming very soon indeed!!!
Once you have WLM (Windows Live Messenger) running on your computer and on some one else's Computer and you have checked that you are able to send to each other instant messeges to each other both ways, then you are ready to embark on the next stage.....
As my old PHP Teacher Graham at not that Graham is old what i mean errr....... oh you know!!!!! would say the Devils in the Detail!!

Basically, it is possible to initiate a session where by you control someone else's Desk top from your computer, useful if you want to show some one how some specific aspect of windows works or you want to look to see that software drivers another person has installed, or even if you want to initiate a download of some antivirus program directly onto someone else's computer your self sitting in a cafe 341 miles away!

You must remember that you will not see the option to start remote assistance until you actually start an instant message conversation with that other person. You would then choose activities from the menu at the top and then the bottom option which is to send an invertation to the other person to allow them to controll your Desk Top. Of course it is worth remmembering this can be done the other way round also, but not, please both at the same time, that would be a little crakers and quite confussing!!!?
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You are probably wondering how do you get someboady else to take control of your computer so for example they could train you how to use a piece of software for example!! and you are probably wondering why we are writing about this on the Computer Fixer Blog; We will answer your questions as we oftern do on the Computer Fixer Blog (Computer Repairs offered to you by that helpfull and friendly Computer Repairs Firm based firmley in Earley,) in fact Very close to Woodley and Winnersh, close to Reading in the Royal County of Berkshire.
May be you want us to take control of your desktop to tell you if your computer is infected with Spywear or a Virus or to help you download the correct drivers to make your computer work properly.... there are a numbrer of uses of remote computer access and fortunately it can be done without spending any Money!!!
We are on the verge of offering One to One remote support to you if You want it at a very attractive rate indeed, you may want to find out more ... to do so go to
There are many ways of being able to remotely control somebody else's Computer from another computer in a different road, village or town or even country. In this article we are going to explore just how you can effectively see somebody else's desk top from your computer sitting at home or indeed sitting anywhere else if you have a laptop!!
We are talking about sharing you desk top with another person using either WLM (Windows Live Messenger) or using another Product called Logmein

On order to use WLM or Window Live Messenger, you need to do a few things, firstly you do need to download Windows Live Messenger ....... where from: well google WLM, the top entry will be most likley Essentials - Window Live the next thing you need is a windows live id, this is effectively an email address and a password linked together to work together. you must remember the password that goes with the email address you use to create the Windows live ID. Once you have Windows live messenger working you of course need it working on both computers.....
The next thing is you need to do is to get one of you to invite the other to comunicate via Windows Live Messenger, this part is easy and all you really have to do is to know the e mail address of the other person that has Windows Live Messenger installed and then from inside Windows Live Messenger, you choose add a contact.

Read Sharing your Desk Top using Windows Live Messenger or LogMeIn Part (Two) in this blog.

"The Computer Fixer Blog" Otherwise affectionally known as the Screeching Bald Eagle is at full screech!!!