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Its not a piece of cake and it will be easy provided you do do things in the right order.... Read this and think about it and if necessary make a few notes on a nice clean note pad and index that note.
The Advice in this blog applies to people using Window XP or XP Media Centre, things are slightly different for Vista and Windows 7 and 8 as the default place for my documents is different.

Firstly, You have got to back up all the folders that are My Music for each and every person on the computer. So make sure you have a big enough disk to do that first, and then make sure that you do this for each account on the computer. You must take this step and I recommend that you also get seperately any music that you find in the Shared Music Folder as well.

I Tunes is software from Apple, and you can run it on a Windows PC or on an Apple Macintosh Computer. Now then, Now then..... how about that then Boys and girls....Most people think that I Tunes is simply a piece of software that you can use to download music from I Tunes, but infact it is a lot more than that!

Yep still more people think that it is a piece of software that allows you to simply just download I tunes music and then add CDs that you have brought from various retail outlets. But allas athough that is true, I tunes is more than just that, it is effectively the comunications hub for your digital devices. I tunes allows you to move music onto your i pod, as well as playlists, but understanding whether you can move those back and what syncronising is, is in itself another complete blog article... and one we are going to write,,,,,,, so come back to the "Screetching Bald Eagle"

You may wonder what is the point of this article..... well the point is this, if you are going to run a program to initate a restoring of an image back on to you main hard drive, you will obliterate your entire, I say entire, music collection for every person that uses the computer. However, once you have copied the music folders for every user and checked their size against the files on the computer, you now have a way back to getting all the music, art work and play lists back once more on your computer. Tel. 0118 9352873 or 07519 134333.

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You would think that adding a disk to a Dell Dimension Tower computer would be easy wouldn't you,I mean it childs play isn't it..... like tasking candy from a babe!
Well it depends on what kind of computer engineer you are...... You may find that you buy the drive and get it attached to the computer by using a SATA Data Cable and a Power Cable. But then what if you turn on the computer and the drive just is not there...
I mean can't be seen in My Computer and can not be seen in Disk Management, Computer Management, Disk management (Local). What then huhhh.
Well i'll tell you, there's a couple of things to think about, and to alter, and I will detail them right here in this blog article...
A SATA port on a computer may be switched off at the bios level and just to make things even harder, "it may be the case that switched off is the default state," so if your motherboard is new from the shop of the factory, then it is very likely that the SATA port is physically there but switched off. This means that it will be switched off every time you boot the computer.... wonderfull aint it!

What you need to do is start the computer and press F2 to go into the bios. Next you need to look throught he bios and find the disks. Next look for the SATA Disks not the Flopply Disk or the PATA Disks, but the SATA Disk. You must turn the port on, but to do so you may need to change the state to on, and press enter to tell the bios that that is your selection (on), and then save your changes in the bios. You may well need to do all three of these things as well as reboot the computer, that is four things ain't it. Now there's a chance that Windows will show the disk as being there, sitting pretty so to say!

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Look you could either put up with it; or you could just wait for ever every time you switch the pc or Netbook on for it to be ready for you to use. or you could just get feed up with waiting for your computer to be ready to be used by you the owner...... Or perhaps theres another way perhaps you could ask someone to help get your computer working properly.......
"All you need to do is ask us to sort the computer out,!" we will tell you whats causing the computer to faulter or to just perform absolutely dreadfully....

What ever is wrong with your computer if you want it working properly : call
We support small businesses and so called SME's and we can support you, if you are a home user or even if you have a small business at home...

Are you just feed up of the silly messages that keep flashing up on the screen, messages like "your computer has detected an overheating problem" or messages like "no operating system found"

Chephrenrepairs operates across Berkshire, and we cover Southern Oxfordshire and some of Northan Hampshire.

Look google Computer Repairs Reading and study the list carefully.....

Look we do not just sort out your computer, we can fix any problems you have with your network or PC or Ultrabook or any issue you have with your Broadband Connection or emails or with your ability to use your broadband connection.

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1. The Thing is...... If any thing appears in you computers browser that suggests that there is something wrong with you computer, you should distrust it completely and totally first. Then you should make sure that you do not click on anything to either initate a scan or to dowload anything at all.
Here is the detail..... Your browser is the program you use to view web pages, you may use IE or Firefox
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Look if you want to buy a new computer then thats just fine.... but what are you going to do with the old Computer or Laptop!?
Would you like to make a little cold hard cash and at the same time save yourself some time..
If so why not just contact, we will offer you some of the folded stuff for your old machine providing it is all in one piece, and providing you live close to Reading in Berkshire, and your old computer is under 6 years old and you have all the bits, even if they are broken.

Essentially we give you a bit of money and deal with keeping your data safe, and we come to you. If we make you an offer you have no need to accept that offer at all, it is a non conditional offer.
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Expect to see a bit more about this Very Soon:
remember that Apache and PHP are constantly being developed and therefore occassionally they will not work with one another... But there are things you can do to minamise the risk of them not working together and we will mention them here at The Computer Fixer Blog.
Firstly 1/ Make sure you get Apache working first, install it as a service that is designed to run everytime you boot your Computer. The Apache Monitor should be visible in the Task Bar and there should be a little green arrow in the circle, The mointor will report that the Apache Server is running.
Secondly 2/ So test to see if you can put a Web page into the public area of the web server and view it on your own computer, get that working before you think about downloading PHP.
Thirdly 3/If you have previously got Apache working with PHP on another computer and it works fine consider getting the installation file for Apache, PHP and MySQL and burn them to a DVD and use them for your installation on to your computer or Laptop, after all you know they work together don't You!
Fourthly 4/ Remember that PHP is downloadable from the PHP Website, but you should steer away from the Automatic installer and instead Go for the Windows Binery that is a Zip file. In other words you are going to download a Zip file to your Computer and then Create a Directory called PHP in the root of your hard drive. You will be unzipping the whole thing into there.
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This is some what tricky..... and one of the main reasons is that it is not straight forward and obvious how to find the files that are in effect the emails you have dowloaded on to your computer.
Fortunately I am going to tell you here how to do that.
I am talking about Outlook Express 6 HERE:
In order to find the location of the files that are in effect the ones you want to retain in order to retain your emails do this:
Open up Outlook Express in the normal way, use the start button and probably Email Outlook Express will be in the menu..
Once Outlook Express is open Go to Tools ! Options ! Maintenance ! Srore Folder...
Now you can copy that path or location using the normal swipe and right click choose copy.
Now go to Start ! Run and in the white box paste the location, hit return and you will see the files blinking at you in a box.
You are interested in the ones ending .dbx ok.
Copy all of them and put them on a disk that is in good nick then do that again you can not have two many backups of these important files.
If you have to rebuild you computer due to a virus attack then the new build will also have a location for these files, but notice that it will not be precisely the same place, essentially it will be similar but not precisely the same. Find yor files, find you new folder location, and copy the files not move copy, into the folder location. Then restart Outlook Express, you must restart it!