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You on the roof of the casino now, hopefully you have read parts 1. 2. And 3 of this blog series... Here we explains how to complete the last mission. Out of Commission of GTAIV just as GTAV comes out....
You need to either climb down the ladder or if your health is reasonable just walk off the edge you will easily survive the drop...

Now you have got to kill some gooks hiding behind various building materials, why didn't, the builder finish the sodding job... Is he coming back... Now as you near the end of the building a couple of heaveys turn up in a black car, just hit them with the assault rifle or the machine gun and when they breath their last breath you can move to the key side and you will see Jimmy Pegarino trying to escape in a supped up speed boat blast him with any equipped weapon you have... Well he deserves it after what he did to Kate.....

You now suddenly remember what it was like, to spend nights trying out some very kinky practice's with Kate Macrey, you remember the nights fucking her in her apartment whilst she wore the lace topped stockings and was tied to the wrought iron bed head with thick straw coloured rope' you remmember her cries of sheer shuddering pleasure......... And how hard it made you..... You remember her greasy hair and her second hand cheap plastic covered coffee table and the range of knickers she always had on the floor

But there's a job to be done...... Run down the stairs and get on to the bike, its a nice scrambler, do not forget you helmet, you need to ride straight ahead initially and the follow the coast, ride reasonably fast, but avoid running over people or hitting drums on the beach, you do not have to ride at full throttle but you must go fairly quick, do not hit any rocks, do not go In to the water at all but you can ride close to it, once you get a bit further along the beach you will here and see a helicopter.

Look carefully in front of you, you will see a white wooden ramp, and a yellow guiding arrow, you need to avoid all debris on the approach by on the ramp, go towards the ramp go more less full speed, but almost maxed out will do. You will go off the ramp and be air borne, this is the most difficult part of GTA IV, providing you were not too slow and do not fall off before hitting the ramp you will see yourself getting very close to the skis of the helli , now press the a button fast, use your left hand if you are left handed or right If Vic versa regardless of how you hold the x box controllers..
Hitting that button many times quickly will get you in to the chopper, see the last part of this blog at the home of computer repairs in Berkshire, south Oxfordshire and north Hampshire.

Ah..... a Simple question but the answer is just a tad more complicated than the question. You need to Assess whether or not you are able to connect first to your Router and then is it possible to get out of the Router to the router at your phone exchange.
Make sure that your phone line is ok so check the dial tone check you can make and receive phone calls.

Reboot your Router and then leave it for about 6 minutes before you turn on your computer. Wait for your computer to fully boot up, then see if you can pick up a few clues from the little blue screens icon in the task bar. A lot of clues can be gained from looking at the little blue screens in the task bar.... It is possible that thouse may not be there, it is certainly possible to turn these on follow these instructions here:
Go to start button, and start the Control Panel.

Find the icon called Network Connections,click on that with the left mouse button.

Now find the icon for your connection, it might be a local area connection or wi - fi connection.

Now place the mouse on the icon click the right mouse buton and move down to properties, you must left click on that option. Now look for a check box it says: Show icon inntification when connected.
Tick that box.
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OK.. so what the blinking heck is this blog about: Well a lot of things actually we will explain more about MAC Codes, and more about connecting to a broadband service, plus a bit about how to tell if it is the broadband service or your own router that is causing the problem with connection to ADSL Broadband..
Your MAC Code essentially identifies your phone line that has broadband on it, thus if you are unhappy with your broadband provider you must obtain a valid MAC Code from them. They should be able to provide one within two days max..
A MAC Code stays valid for 30 days only.. Now at this point if this blog has bored you and you are asleep.. WAKE UP>>>?>?
The MAC Code you get from your old broadband supplier must be a valid one, and therefore when you give your new potential broadband supplier the MAC Code the question you must ask is is this MAC Code valid??>? Yes or no.
Your New Broadband Supplier may not know how to do this, or may just say We are unable to connect you.... you need to quiz them to find out if they know how to check if it is a valid MAC Code and can they please do so.
What is a MAC Code:: A MAC Code consists of 4 letters then Severn numbers then a forward slash then two letters two numbers and then a letter. If your mac code is not like this then triple check that your broadband supplier (the old one has read it out correctly to you.. this is important)!
Before deciding who is going to be that lucky broadband provider that gives you a Broadband Service, (notice the word "Service" - implying Supply, Benefit and Assistance.), you should check with BT that your exchange is capable of handling broadband and at what speed is the eqipment at the exchange able to run at.. Most BT Phone exchanges already have the broadband ADSL Capability and hardware actually at the exchange.
If you go to this link, you can find out which phone exchange you are connected to
link to find exchange
Also at this web site you can find out approximately how far away you are from the telephone exchange and also where the telephone exchange is along with which Broadband Services are currently enabled... this is very very useful if you are deciding who to get to enable your broadband..
We phoned bethere and asked them some questions?? We asked them how far away we were from the exchange, they were able to answer that, we asked them for an approximate likely speed for our line? They were also able to answer that... good we thought, we then asked them for the likely time to connect to bethere unlimited, and they said two to three weeks from when they get a valid mac code.. We asked them exactly how long from when they get a valid mac code and they dis give an answer, but they said more, they said to us that it is a BT Engineer who goes t the exchange and enables the broadband, they also asked us if we had an ADSL Modem that was ADSL2+ compatable... they went on to say that they supplied a Thompson Speed Touch Modem with their service but could not support an other modem if you did have and use your own modem.. Interesting Ahhhy.
The Contention factor is important, ask you Broadband supplier what they can give you, the lower the contention factor the better, thus 20:1 is better than 50:1, this is a measure of how many other people share that broadband connection you get...
Getting connected to an ISP to get broadband can sometimes be very frustrating: in this blog we are going to talk about some of the things needed to connect Broadband, we will talk about the MAC Code, and talk about what things might be on your telephone line that can prevent Broadband from being implemented and we are not talking about sparrows or pigeons either.!!

As Mentioned in other blogs previous, if you are migrating from one broadband supplier to another you need to get your Broadband supplier, (the old one), to give you a mac code, this is a long series of digits and characters, often it is 4 letters followed by 7 numbers then a forward slash then two letters, two numbers then a letter. however, in some cases there are 11 numbers after the first 4 letters. You current Provider should be able to provide you with a MAC Code within 24 hours. they will not want to loose you (perhaps?!!) as a customer so they may be awkward, but they can generate and provide you with a MAC Code within 24hours if you are insistent and possibly a little demanding, or at least very firm.

Your Mac Code stays valid for 30 days, this means that if your new provider seems to not be able to be helpful or just can not speak, or just can not do anything at all, you can cancel with them, and take that MAC code to someone else, provided it is less than 30 days old...
If You have never had broadband before then you need to check a few things, here is a short list of things that can make implementing broadband just about impossible:
1. Multi number lines .. this means you have multiple telephone lines that all share the same telephone number.
2. You have dacs on the line.. this is a digital access carrier system and it means that two telephone lines are squeezed down one single copper pair or lines. This will mess up Broadband and Dial up, because with dial up you could be using a v90 modem and this protocol will break down over a dacs line.
3. If you have an alarm on the line this is not compatible with broadband either.

Most Broadband providers provide you with various packages, that provide different download speeds. Often some of these packages provide you with either standard or enhanced Upload speeds, that is traffic out from your computer. You may not think thats important, but it could be.. for example if you write a lot of web pages like we do, and want to put them up to your web server then fast upload speeds are nice!
The true test of a broadband provider is whether they can fix your broadband connection if it breaks down, and also how fast can they do this..... this is the real test of a broadband provider's metal/!!

So what speed can you get, well often the speed that can be delivered depends on how far away you are from your telephone exchange, and it can depend on other things also, like how old it your telephone line, older lines may be poorer quality and thus may support slower top speeds.

We intend to have further blogs on broadband, and more details about how it works and most likely details on some providers you can try, or dare us say you perhaps should try!!... Were are not biased of course.. why should you want good speeds good customer service some real person to talk to when things go hairy pairry......i mean a fellow human being...!!
Is it worth trying or is it worth trying There are loads of broadband providers of course, but who can connect you up fast, and who can rectify faults if the phone exchange is buggered up or what if no one can go out to the exchange and just sort out the lines...

The New ISP that we heard about on Southern Counties Radio is, their web address is we were interested because the do provide 8MB Broadband. We have no intention of judging or running a good thing down, but we tried to use the phone number published on their web site to ring them a few days ago and all we got was number unattainable. We wondered why that would be as we really wanted to talk to them about their 8mb broadband service. Now just hold your horses.... right, why would we want to go to a company like for our very important internet connection, well the answer is we we have 2 MB Broadband but we want more speed so when we heard there was a company that provides this and good customer service as well we were pretty excited, like a old Brown Male Grizzly Bear finding a Willing female to mate with, right there in there woods...
We wondered whether we dialed the wrong number or whether there was something wrong with our phone or the line or ever the phone exchange, but having tried I think perhaps two or even three times we were left wondering...
Please try them your self and let us know by e mail if they are contactable by phone as well as what types of service they do provide.. our e mail address is, look if you have trouble finding that follow this ling (why would you follow a ling..!!) or even link to our home page and then find the bit that says Click Here to Email
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