Well this is a simple question and the answer is not quite so simple.... the pub that you are in may well have wi-fi available for its customers and if so you just need to switch on your wi-fi on your laptop, find the network in the pub and connect...... But this supposes that the network in the pub is one with no security on it, i.e no wep or wap or wap 2 security on it and that the router in question is on of course.... further you may find that if that network has the ssid hidden and you have not connected to it before that this could cause a bit of a problem. Usually networks with their ssid broadcast are easy to find, but if it is hidden it may not be so straightforward.
But what if there are no networks in range or there are networks that are within range but all of them have security enabled on them.... What do you do then.. well the answer may be mobile broadband, basically this is a dongle with a sim card in it that is infact a 3g sim card...... the device has a telephone number and this number is bound to that sim card..
Basically what happens is the device connects to a 3g phone signal and then the broadband connection is done via that... hi tech ah....
At the moment we are testing one of these, we are testing a Vodaphone 3 g dongle that give us 3gig bytes download per month on an 18 month contract.... It is the case that a dongle on contract will work out cheaper than one on pay as you go!

Clearly you need to be somwhere where the 3 g signal is decent, we will be reporting about how this works what software you get with the device, ease of use reliability etc. over the next month or so, but we can tell you it comes with a tiny piece of software to monitor your usage so that you know how much of you 3 gig you have used, it also indicates signal strength we believe.. handy really...
Sometimes the TCP /IP set up in windows XP Gets a little confused or scrambled up, you can tell if this has happened by various symptoms, which are as follows:
1 When you open up your Network Connection there should be a Default Gateway, it will be something like where do you see this, well double click on the left mouse button, where the little blue screens are seen in the task bar, choose the support tab,left click that and you should see an ip address a subnet mask and a default gateway....
2. Can you see the other Computers attached to the network...., or not, clearly if not, there is something possibly wrong with your TCP /IP Setup
3. You are unable to get an IP address and therefore can not connect to you router.
4. You No that your Roter is switched on, and you also know that your Router has a DHCP Server in it that gives out IP adresses, i.e. leases them out forr a period of time, but still you do not get one, an IP address that is...
What can you do, well there are various reasons why your TCP /IP Stack might be not configured correctly or not working correctly and there is a little utility that you can download to a memory stick or flash drive and run that may just sort things out...
Right So What is this utility that we mention:The utility that fixes connection problems to

your LAN is found here:
You need to download it. I am reasonably sure it is free of spywear and viruses, but to be on the safe side you should scan it with both anti virus and Anti Spywear software, that is up to date before you run the program, which is an .exe file, or executable file.

This little utility sorts out your TCP /IP stack and works well seems fast and can be ran from a memory stick, so thats convenient.
It is designed to work on Windows XP, so I guess it does not work for Window Vista?!
Thus if you want to sort out you TCP / IP with Vista You need another utility, what is that you cry, well we thought we would let you the
readers of the Computer Fixer Blog figure that one out....
When you have:.... then go to our Forum at Chephrenrepairs.com, register yourself, and then leave the answer there for the world to find:
Ok you say how do I find the Forum at Chephrenrepairs.com,
well the link directly to the forum is Right Here: Our Forum at Chephrenrepairs.com using Yabb 2.1