This is a big subject, too much for one single blog entry.... but never the less we are going to talk Computer Security..... firstly make absolutelly sure that your antivirus software is still licenced to get its updates and that it can definately get its updates........ if for any reason it can not get its updates correctly : immediately be very very very suspicious.... suspect that you machine is very likely compromiised... and take action...........

Choose a Web browser that is more secure and safer than IE (Internet Explorer), There are many, like Firefox, Safari, Opera and others........ You should ensure that you have both a software Fire Wall, an upto date Virus Scanner, plus some up to date Anti Spywear Software ( you should consider having two of these), that is 2 Seperate Anti Spywear scanners on your single computer.
Further you should look at the various settings in you browser, and probably alter a few of them, we will give more details in this blog article and in future Blog articles on Computer Security.

There are many things that you can do that can compromise your computers integrety and security, Two of the most dangerous things are 1. downloading something that is not what it seems... by this I mean for example programs that look like antivirus programs but in fact are not, and 2. Following any links that are in you email inside your inbox.You should treat every link sent to you via e mail with a great deal of suspision indeed.

Some changes you can make to your browser. there are a few that are actualy worth while doing, I mention a couple here.... A. If possible configure your browser so that it will not accept third party cookies and B There may be a setting that warns you if a web site tries to reload a page, turn this on if you can, at least then you will know if web pages are being reloaded by the web site and can decide if you want this to be stopped!

If you do download any file that is an executable file to your computer you should consider what you are doing very very carefully indeed!!...... I recommend that any file you download to your machine that is an executable file that you do not run it ( that would be double clicking on it with the left mouse button) until you have scanned it with a fully up to date Antivirus program and 2 seperate fully up to date anti spywear programs and checked with preferably a real person that distributed the program that is is the correct file name and correct size and if possible check exactly the domain name you were on when you initiated the download, is this domain name one you can fully trust??????? How to tell, well you could use Bing, Goggle, Yahoo and Ask to search for whether or not that web site is safe or not safe?

You should run your operating system with the lattest operation system patch installed, so for windows XP it should have Service packs 1, 2 and 3 installed, you can tell at a glance what service pack you have if you go to Start Control pannel system and read what it says.
For Vista you should be running using Service pack 2, if you want to know more, like where to get Service pack 2 from or how to download it go to this Link Service Pack 2 For Vista

If you are going to install an antivirus package that is genuine and comes with 12 months updates then install it from a manufacturers DVD , DO NOT install it from a down load!!!!?

If you do decide to use peer to peer networks to download stuff you should be exceptionally careful, and the reason why is that many websites that utalize peer to peer networks to allow you to share files do have a certain amount of things on them that are definately not Virus / Spy wear / Malwear free.

If you do download something that is Zipped up, do not scan the zipped file, no instead use Something like 7_zip to unzip the package to a named Directory you create first, then scan that directory with your antivirus and anti spywear software.

This blog is drawing to a close but before it does consider this: If you are on line and anything at all pops up in you browser window saying that your computer is unsafe or infected or needs tuning or needs some type of scan or is infected with a virus a trojon a piece of spywear or malwear or any other blinking wear!!!!! Just ignore it totally and utterly, do not click your mouse on anything, make a note in a note book of where you are on the web and close down the browser completely.... do not go back to that web site or any pages on that web site ever again!!