Look forget tweeting, twitering, you tube, you porn microbloging, chrome, buying those long black leather boots, feeding the chickens, and buying your girly a red lace matching knickers and suspenders set, or google maps, we have more important things to talk about!!!! yes expect to see more about Ubuntu at the screetching bald eagle:

As i guess you know Ubuntu is a flavour of linux , along with mint, and in this blog we are going to talk a little about how to install it and then we will talk a bit about networking your nice shiny installation of linux.......
the version of ubuntu: we are using is 7.04 known as the feisty fawn. We went out and brought a book called Ubuntu Unleashed second edition some time ago now from a local and well known book shop right in Reading in Berks.
Installing Ubuntu really is a breeze.. its like falling off a log really..... and of course you can keep your beloved windows xp, or windows 7 or what ever else you have on your laptop!!

all you need to do is make sure you have some free space on your laptop main hard drive, and you will need need a working dvd drive on your laptop plus the red lace suspender belt and the black long leather boots...............

The Ubuntu dvd is as you would quite rightly expect is bootable, so do not fire up windows and then thrust the dvd into the drive like an excited giggly schoolgirl, that will not work, because all you will see is a list of various bits of software on the dvd not including Ubuntu???? No instead you need to arrange for the Ubuntu dvd to be in the dvd drive when you start up the laptop and then if gods willing you or alha pleases or what ever... the dvd will boot and you will see the menu with the option at the top to start or install Ubuntu.... look if the suspender belt thing doesen't work for you get yourself a nice pair of y-fronts and a lovely gold medallion on a thick gold chain and a bottle of old spice it kind of does the same thing....... well we do not want to be sexist or accused of not being pc??!!!
errrrrr... pick the option to start or install Ubuntu, there will be a lot of disk whirring and a message or two and an orange bar going across a black screen, heck ...... you might even hear those leather boots cracking or creaking or the faint twanking of the elastic of the susspender belt against a smooth naked thigh......

The DVD Drive will go bonkers and you will after a while be able to focus on a brown screen, a kind of light brown screen... whats this you yelp as you try to comprehend whats happening!!!!!!
Oh Golly Gosh this looks like a blog all about Search Engine Optimisation..... or is it Optimization, you might ask....... well before you bitterly or is it literally fall off your stool with utter boredum.... you might want to take note... yes make a note in the Diary.
As well as repairing computers in That quaint little town of Reading in Berkshire, Chephrenrepairs.com offers a hard hitting and eat your heart out one day intensive SEO course..... oh yes we certainly do.
If You go to our home page and scroll down it you will see a load of links and in that list is some links to several pages all about seo and our seo course here is one link for you
Search Engine Optmisation Course Reading Berkshire
Look if you can not be bothered to click the mouse or to scroll the page, or to do anything much, just give up...... your probably just comatosed by the whole thought of Search Engine optimisation all together...
on the other hand, why would you need it.... well its like when you dress up like a dogs dinner, you shave your legs, wash and condition your hair, put on your little black dress and your lace top hold up stockings, and your black silk G String, wear you Givenchy Ysatis perfume, but then you are just plain rude to every one you meet and get blind drunk, or just pissed! ... and wonder why the men will not dance with you!!!
In the Same way if you have a web site that looks really great, is hot, really sizzling and sensual and fandangly and sparkling, but no one can find it...... get the point.
There are lots of ways of doing this, you can write your own PHP scripts to upload files and display files, and we are in the process of doing that at the moment... But for those who do not want to learn PHP, and do not want to do any programming then there are some places you can put your pictures. In this blog article we mention several of them..

Basically what you may decide to do is to just simply post your image to an online photo gallery. this has the advantage that is quick and simple , but it may not be very flexible. But if speed and simplicity is your bag then this is the way to go.
You can try Photobucket, http://photobucket.com/ or try www.ringo.com or try www.flickr.com not flicker.com! that will give you a personal gallery, and of course you can link to it from a web site or from an email.
Or try www.photobox.co.uk or picasa.google.com

We plan on trying WWW.flicker.com and am going to put up some pictures from sailing around the Isle of Wight as well as some pictures taken in Spain, i.e Andalucia, basically several towns in the southern part of Spain. Clearly before you start considering putting you digital pictures onto the web you must get them on to your computer! and Yep there are a few options. One is to take the little digital card from your camera down to boots and then get the images put onto CD. Another option is to burn the Pictures to CD your self, or you could just simply transfer the images from the camera directly onto the hard drive of your computer.

If you have a computer and a camera and a little lead that connects the camera to a USB Socket on the front or side, back of you computer, then you can simply transfer the pictures to you Hard Disk drive and this is simple and relatively fast, but of course will use a fair amount of you Hard Disk space. But look if you have a reasonably big Hard Drive, there should be no problem. look if you take a lot of pictures, then put them on your Hard Drive, then burn then to CD Rom or to DVD and then check they are all there and OK. Then delete them from your Hard Drive.

If you want to get you computer repaired go to our Home page, if you live in Berkshire, and can show us a permanent link you have created to www.chephrenrepairs.com, we will give you a 5% discount of our usual prices for repair, installation on configuration work.....