Today's breakfast was porridge, in fact it started out the day before in a saucepan, taste the difference oats from Sansburys carefully cooked with semi skimmed milk from the milkman and cooked for around 8 minutes medium heat.....But today I discovered there was some left so I put it back on to the gas added some water and more milk and stirred it up... served with a little thick set honey in a large bowl, with a Nescafe instant coffee , lovely...

And as I ate my breakfast I glanced up from the window, and I didn't see the Honking Mother Geese flying across the morning sky, no, instead I noticed zig zaggy silvery glistening trails across the patio! I do not know I am ashamed to say if the trails are snails or other moluscs like may be slugs....

Anyway back to BitDefender Total Security 2011, this software clearly has a few extra bits to it; yes it does have a firewall and; yes it does scan for viruses and for spywear; and yes is a BitDefender resseller, but that's not the point is it!!
Bit Defender Total Security has a bunch of extra functionality built in to it, and we decided to try using that on our Windows Vista Computer the other day, and I must say with considerable sucess i might add at this juncture!

The third tab across has a tab called Tune Up, and we start there! Here we see: you can run the registry cleaner, you can clean the pc, that does not mean getting out the Ajax and Vim and the old jay cloths from under the cupboard in the pantry! You can run the duplicate finder or you can run the disk defragmentor... yep they are all there meo bambino!
I need a fresh cup of Nescafee coffee now but the second part of this blog is already cued up in my mind ready to burst onto the internet!!
~~~So here is part two....
The Clean up thing called clean pc will basically go and find a lot of the temporary files created by both the operating system and your activity whilst browsing the internet and it will delete them for you... this is very useful and particulalrly so if you are a little low on hard disk space.
Remmember that the disk defragmenter is very useful also but you should do a few checks before you use it..... oh I here you say "surely you just click on a button in the software and off you go".... well yes and no!!!

Firstly, "THE NUMBER ONE RULE OF FIGHT CLUB" is you don't talk about fight club right!!, but the number one rule of doing disk defragmenting is, you should make sure that primarily you have more than 12 percent free space on your main disk before you start running it and secondarily you should check to make sure that your antivirus program is not set to do an automatic scan slap bang in the middle of you doing a disk deframentation operation---!!!

In fact we recommend that you have no programs running whats so ever when you do do a diskdefrag, thats easy to arrrange just disconnect from the internet, boot your pc and run diskdefrag last thing at night.... and do turn off the feature in your antivirus software that schedules a scanto run once a week or month or what ever it is, simples! eeek eeek