Look lets do the maths right here and now..... Somethings wrong with your laptop or Ultra book or Tablet pc, or your Netbook you know you can buy a new laptop for 449.99 from Curries or Staples or PC World or Novatech or the Sony Center or Amazon or Misco or some such online retail outlet, like Argos or Tesco or Comet , well maybe not comet..... they have ceased to trade at the moment... or you could get your laptop or pc repaired for probably between 65.00 and 135.00, and that means fully working with a properly cleaned fan and heat sink and all of your data properly restored to the machine and all of the hardware tested and working at full tilt like the machine was when it was new.

Typical repair times for chephrenrepairs.com are under three working days, and if you want to pay very slightly more we will courier parts to us next day, and get your machine fully working in perhaps 2 and a half days or even two days often. Chephrenrepairs Serving Reading, Henley, Maidenhead, Taplow, Windsor, Slough, Burnham, Tilehurst, Dunsden Green, Wokingham, Binfield, Caversham, Sonning, Theale, Knowle Hill, Hurst, Twyford and Emmer Green.
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We have started an article on our website about Spring cleaning your pc or laptop, here is the link directly to it Sping Clean your PC or Laptop

Cleaning your laptop might involve cleaning the fan that cools the processor and that is sometimes possible from the outside provided you have a very small artist paint brush and a can of compressed air. You may also want to clean all the external parts of the Laptop and this does require some care and using the right tools and cleaning stuff, a can of foam antistatic cleaner is a must of course. We offer a comprehensive computer cleaning service at WWW.Chephrenrepairs.com for an agreed reasonable price. but notice computer or laptop cleaning can involve a lot more than just cleaning the Keyboard, Screen, and Fan Grill, there's that little tiny thing called software, surely a spruce up of that software to ensure that everything is spick and span should be included in a Laptop Spring Clean....

You should always consider whether or not there is something that can be done to protect your computer from Malwear, dodgey websites and the like..... as well as making sure that there are things you can actually do to make sure that there are not too many programs using up both your cpu cycles and your RAM, that is computer memory to you and me.....

Bit Defender Total Security 2011 has quite a few things in it and seemingly extra things that last years version did not have or features harder to find in earlier versions. Bit Defender Total Security 2011 provides you with antivirus and anti malwear for sure along with a firewall as well, but there are a few other things built in..... for one thing when you fire up the browser and do a web search for something, bit defender goes of to the various sites that appear in the results and tried to determine if those sites are safe to click on..we hope to bring you more information about that over the next few weeks or so....

Please notice we do not offer a Free Computer clean up, no we do not do that, we do however, offer a Free Computer Health Check... that Service is available to you and to find out more go to this page Computer Health Check Free!