Testing a Very cheap little Notebook Cooler on our normal sized Laptop..... Firstly you might ask what's the point of splashing out on a lap top cooler thatís only going to cost you some hard doe and probably will just be noisy and crappy......
Well may be and may be not.... depends dunt it..
THE NC01 is made in china, so that's the country of origin, but I am sure you are reading this to gather whether or not it actually works or not!

Well I am pleased to say the NC01 Cooler does work quite well we have been test it for a while.... It plugs into a regular USB Socket on your laptop Netbook, so no need to throttle things with a pair or vice grips or stick things up with with gaffer tape or lubricate anything with WD40!!!
We found it cools the processor as well at the hard drive by about 6 degrees C, thatís Celsius to you.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ubuntu 11.04 is now available and we have being trying that out to. It is easy to install alongside MS Windows if you like and it handles Wi-Fi connections very well, better in fact than some earlier versions.
But the thing is that there are two things that Ubuntu 11.04 does not do out of the box so to speak, one is to play videos and the other is to play videos when you are surfing the net like for example when you are using You Tube.
Both these problems can be solved by downloading a couple of pieces of software..... In order to get the playing DVD,S thing working you need VLC Media player. And in order to get the Videos working in the Firefox
browser within Ubuntu 11.04. you need effectively a Flash plug in, we are using a plug in called shockwave flash 10.2r159.

So how do you go about getting the plug in for the Firefox browser..... well its not to bad if you know how and what to do.