Here we give you some good sound advice reference your Android mobile phone. The Android platform is now becoming very very popular indeed, and due partly to its popularity it is becoming a bigger target for writers of Viruses and Malwear and the like. So basically you do need to take some simple precautions. We will give you a very simple list of thouse precautions right here and we can also assure you that there is a continuation of our blog "Getting videos transferred from the Hamax Freeview box to an External Hard Drive coming very soon indeed to the Screeching Bald Eagle..... just come back to this blog in a week or two to see.

Android Phones of course do have access to the Official Android Market Place, and it will appear as an icon on your phone. Tip number one is: you should only download any android apps from the official Android Marketplace only..... that means from know where else. The second tip is a little more complicated so need a little more explaining:
Every time you do install an application on to your Android phone there will be a screen that says what resources the application will have access to. Now if you have a moment you can become familiar with these settings, it is worth it...
In brief you should be using the Official Android Marketplace directly accessible from your phone and nothing else.
When you come to actually install an application take these steps:
Android Applications are Sandboxed, that means that they can not access personal data with out asking you first..... and that means that they cannot access your messages, your contacts or phone book or the internet with out your actual permission. Now there will be a point during the application process where you actually do agree or deny to the application being allowed to do certain things.... It is here that you use all your common sence...! Simply put think whether these permissions are actually required, a wall paper does not require access to the Internet does it!!
Look at the application carefully if it has a poor rating on the official Android Market or has a low number of previous downloads, then do not download it what ever you think about its potential usefulness...