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Back to Windows 8.
So hopefully now you understand the difference between the Setting Pop Out Menu and the Charms Bar. With these two you can do a lot with Window 8, but by no means do these two menus constitute all the menus available in Windows 8. You should have mastered opening and closing apps, opening the charm bar and closing that, opening the Setting Pop Up Menu, and shutting the machine down by now. We are going to talk more about some of the most useful apps, and some detail of these two menus mentioned, plus we are going to talk about snapping particular windows to parts of the screen as well as using the task bar.

The Charms Bar and touch sensitive screens.... If you do have a touch sensitive screen you can easily get to the charms bar by touching the far right part of the screen and swiping your finger in to the left. Makes sure you do not do this with a dirty hand or finger, touch sensitive screen should be kept clean and should be cleaned regularly with ideally special cleaner and specific cloth types.

The charms in the charm bar number 5, but the one we need to talk is the search one called Search. It allows you to search for apps, files and for settings, the menu will generally start of with apps selected. clearly you can look for apps and that's useful, but what if you are looking for an app but you do not know what is called. If you are not sure you can look at all of the apps that are on your computer, to do that there are two ways, one with touch sensitive screen and one with the mouse. To see all the apps that are installed on you computer, get the start screen or Metro screen up and then just right click the mouse anywhere on that screen. you will see the all apps icon in a blue bar at the bottom of the screen, far right,, click on that to show all of the apps on your Windows 8 Computer. So How do you get to see all the apps if you have a touch sensitive screen, well the answer is, just swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen or down from the top edge of the screen. Yep i know its not obvious or intuitive, but there you are!


You can open up one or two apps at once in windows 8. You can also place each app on the screen say one on the left and one on the right. So lets cover that here. first open an app, in fact lets open two apps and then we can place them side buy side.. How you ask
Hope you have read our other article on Windows 8, recently posted on this blog - the Screeching Bald Eagle.......
Or more co-locally known as the Computer fixer Blog! in this article we give you a view really quick of whats coming up on this blog, in the pipe line is the fifth part of the last mission of GTA IV, you may have seen parts 1 to 4..... How to kill Jimmy Peggarino . Also in the pipe line more about how to use windows 8, but we are not covering windows 8.1, except to say you will know that you have Windows 8.1 if you can see the start button on your desk top, notice i say Desk Top not Metro interface...... if you seem to have to hunt for the start button then you probably have Windows 8 not Windows 8.1.

How do I go from the Metro Interface to my desk top in the simplest quickest way: The answer is on the Metro Interface you will see lots of tiles, the one under Common Use at the top left hand corner, is the one you need to click on, using the left mouse button, it should have the word desktop in it in white writing..... I am unsure if it is possible to lose or move this tile, but no doubt there is a key combination that gets the desk top up..... it is in fact if you just press the windows key that does it.

Onward to the charm bar..... this is not visible when you start up windows 8 it is in fact hidden away, there's a few things hidden away in fact, but if you read this blog you will soon find your way around... So I am going to mention just two ways of getting up the charms bar in Microsoft's new operating system i.e. Windows 8. So get yourself a frappo or a nice hot dog with onions and mustard from the hot food vendor outside in the street, and here we go.. Warning For Your Health... Hot dogs are very high in calories, so if you have eaten too much or on a diet skip the dog!
If you want to get to the charms bar, either move the mouse to the top right or bottom right hand corner of the screen, that it..... It does not matter one jot if you are already in the Desk Top or in the Metro Interface..... the other way is just press the Windows Key and the C button together, what I mean by that is press the windows key , hold it down gently and then press the C key....
The charms bar, has five menu items on it, we will explore them all in due course, and if you want a quick run down of what they are then we suggest you go to this link > charms bar guide

More about the charm bar in a moment but first lets cover opening and closing apps, this is something you will probably do quite a lot. Whilst looking at the Metro Interface,, which is now called Windows 8, or called the Windows 8 User Interface, you see a number of tiles, many of them are apps, so to open one of these you just use the mouse. All you do is is left click on it with the mouse or the buttons on the tracker pad.
To close an app there are several ways, one way is to just press Alt F4, thats probably the quickest way according to my mate, but the other way is to move the mouse to the top of the screen until you see the hand icon, then drag that to the bottom of the screen, that is a little bit more clunky ain't it than using Alt F4.

Coming soon to This blog the Screeching Bald Eagle, how do you download e book to your pc. your laptop and you tablet, and how do you get the book you have brought on to multiple devices.... as a clue you need a couple of pieces of software and you need an account with Waterstones. We reveal what software you need and how to set it up and the like in a blog article being planned today..
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You should expect this blog post to expand in fact as writes more about Windows 8, and the cop-orate world, and more about a whole manor of things like Suger sync, and how to make sure your computer stays safe, I mean clean from all viruses, spyware, malware, bloatware browser helper objects, every other type of ware, scripts malicious and otherwise etc etc.
Windows 8

A Beginners Guide to making a Nuclear Warhead...... ops sorry ... ere eee err ment A Beginners Guide to Windows 8....
How do you turn the critter off. There are several ways to do that and we say what they are here. One way is to press the Windows key next to the Alt Key and then press the I key and the either tab to the power icon or just click it with the mouse cursor.
The second way is to choose log off. You may need to switch to the windows metro interface to do that, and this interface has now been renamed anyway… To switch between normal interface and the Metro one just press the Windows key next door to the Alt key. On many computers the Windows key is positioned directly in between the Alt Key and the Fn key.
Once you have the Metro interface on the screen, you simply move the mouse to the tile with your name on it, right click the tile and choose, sign out. Once you have signed out you will see a power icon… hurry… Well not quite actually, in order to find the power on/off icon you need to press Ctrl Alt Delete. As if you were logging on, then you will see the power icon. Confused…. Well we were for a bit.
In order to turn off the Windows, you simply need to position the cursor over the icon, and then you can right click and choose shutdown..... do it now. do it many times and then practice then you will become a person that's mastered switching off your computer..... its not as complicated as making a nuclear warhead, but is bloody well could be simpler, couldn't it..!!!

Whats new with Windows 8, well a fair few things actually, some of them are just new since windows 7, but some are truly new to windows 8…. We will cover some simple tasks in this blog article.
Firstly there is a difference between just pressing the windows key and the I key at the same time, and pressing the windows key and then pressing the I key afterwards. If you do the first one, windows key and I at the same time, what happens is you will get the setting menu pop in from the right hand side. The setting menu allows you to access all of these things: Control panel, Personalisation, PC information and Help, that’s a help we thought……!! Clearly you will know what some of these are but be warned if you are using your computer inside a corporate setting i.e. not ByoD, that stands for bring your Own device, then there may be a number of things turned off… i did warn you….
Now if you do the second one, that is pressing the windows key and then pressing the I key afterwards something else happens… Essentially you can search for apps, after all Apps are certainly something that windows 8 is all about…..
in the next article about windows 8 we are going to cover a bunch of stuff, like what is the charm bar and exactly how do you use it, what standard things are on it an is it possible to add things to it that you might want, we cover how do you turn on and off wi-fi in software and in hardware, and what is bit locker, and what does it do and how to use it. Also how do you switch from the metro interface to the more standard windows 7 look alike interface..... that trick is necessary , simple and probably something you will do frequently...

Windows 8 is designed with a Touch Sensitive Screen in mind You Know it Cause we know it....!!, Now Clearly it is not possible to Actually use the Touch Screen Interface unless you have a touch Screen.
So the first Question is Just how do you go about setting up a computer with a touch screen? That's The Question my little Chrub.... Well at "The Screeching Bald Eagle" we give you the answers to the Main Questions, why else would we write a Blog on the WWW ahqy...
Just taking a few Gulps of London Pride and changing tracks on the Tuesday Night Music Club Album -Sheryl Crow~~~~~
Volume up!!!!

Look you have to have a copy of Windows 8 that's Eight not 7-------- You Need a Computer and a bit of space on a Hard Drive... and a Touch Sensitive Screen....
Assemble your core components, Turn up Sheryl Crow and roll up your sleeves of your red checkered Shirt.....
This ain't no Disco and it sure ain't No Country Club either.. and no spittin on the Floor.. or line dancing....

Your Touch Sensitive Screen can not implement the touch sensitive features through the normal video cable, no instead in hardware, you require a cable that connects to your computer via a USB Port on it.

Very Shortly we are going to begin testing our pre Beta Version of Windows 8. on either its own partition or on its own Hard Disk...We will be discussing many of the features of Windows 8 as well as what works well and what works not so good...
Come back to this blog to find out more very soon For all your Computer Repairs Needs