Yep we hired a 36 footer for five of us and did a spot of Big boat sailing. Am going to put the pictures on and write a bit about the trip... We managed in just 4 days to sail from port Hamble Marina, all the Way round the Isle of Wight in a clockwise direction passing past Hurst Castle and stopping at Yarmouth. Here is the address of Fairview Sailing:
Fairview Sailing
Port Hamble Marina
SO31 4QD
and their number:02380 457 023
Fax: 02380 457 570

I will place a link to the photographs Here;

Ok So your probably wondering why the pictures are all on their sides, we wondered that too.... Basically if the pictures were on their sideways in the Camera, they will be on their sides when up loaded to Thus there is a lesson here, get your photos the right way up before uploading them to
We are going to put this right hopefully in the next few days and upload another 6 pictures also....

We also managed to not drop anything over the side like Fenders or Winch handles, in fact the only casualty was an old plastic bucket that got damaged in the aft hold when I pulled out the dingy to row ashore!! We also found a nice pub /resturant in Hamble to eat at the first night......