Web Spinners has just had another meeting at Risc, in London Street in Reading Berkshire. Web Spinners meet at 2.00pm in room 2 upstairs at Risc on Saturday 23rd Feb 2008, where we discussed among other things choosing a good domain name for you new web site as well as how to get hosting for your web site with good technical support as well..--- thats cool as a cucumber...So what is Web Spinners and whats all this hocus pocus about Wireless Internet at Risc - Global Cafe in the heart of Reading. Ok... yes there is wireless access at Risc and you can pick it up downstairs inside the global cafe, not nonsense passwords of internet security is required. the net work is open and it is called GlobalCafe
But take note there is unfortunately at the present: no Wifi access upstairs, that is open access, instead there is networks that are either secured, or ones that you need to pay to use!!
The Phoenix is of course an ancient fire bird, and as well as having the ability to rise from the ashes just like web Spinners keeps doing, the ancient phoenix has the ability to regenerate itself if it is injured or hurt... and in the same way Web Spinners always lives on -forward into eternity.
So what exactly is Web Spinners---- well we were simply cocker hoop when we found out firstly we discovered that Web Spinners is a group of people that do meet in a fairly regular fashion to help solve any Web Writing problems with passion... that rhymes doesn't it..
A Blog entry about C Panel.... Question one is what is it? and this is followed closely by question 2 which is why would I be interested in C panel at all, and why am I reading this blog entry when I could give up the booze and the one night stands and settle down in a quite little town and forget about everything?!, or is that a song lyric i wonder..?

Well, C Panel is a collection of software programs that oftern comes with a Web Site hosting package,... ok.. so if you choose to host your site with a good hosting company that knows what they are doing you will probably be paying for some Web Server space, most likley on a linux server that's running Apache, and provides you direct access to C panel. Right.... So whats Apache? Apache is a web server, again it is software but it is the software that serves out your web pages to the world, hence if you go to this address http://www.chephrenrepairs.com/nuc/ you will find The Computer Fixer Blog, but the software that served that page and ultimately sent it out to you browser is Apache... (it is possible tha apache is not the Web Server that you hosting company uses, as there are other web servers, but Apache is a good and popular web server).

C panel has many versions, and many of the elements I metion in this blog entry may be present, but some may not be, why, because I can not write a blog entry to cover every single version of c panel and every single configuration that your hosting company deemes to give you.... that why?!

You will generally only be able to see Cpanel itself if you go to the correct web address and fill in a user name and password... now if it is your web site that you are looking at you will know the user name and password, and you will type them in to gain accesss to C Panel.
Ok so lets mention some of the most useful little programs that you will probably find and probably want to use in C Panel: the first prograsm I mention is Fantastico, a strange sounding name, what this is, is a program that your hosting company may have included in c panel that allows you the web site writer to automatically install some programs on the web server. These programs could be blog creation programs, various content management programs, various shopping cart programs, various customer relationship programs, various programs for displaying and or up loading pictures, disscussion boards, mailing lists, automatic web site builders, polls and surveys programs, even a whole range of interesting and very useful scripts, that may actually usefully just do what you are wanting to do... if you see what I mean.. This list of things is fairly long, and this is not necesarily a complete list here...

For the beginner in web site construction, the most useful of these could be the blog creation programs and the image gallery programs, but that just what i say,..... you may of course disagree....!???

This blog has been created using one such program called Nucleus.

Other very useful things you may find in C Panel is a program that allows you to create email accounts, and hence email recepticles that can remain on your web server and can be read by you the web site writer... useful ahay.. like this one we have which is repairs@chephrenrepairs.com, so to e mail us you just go here Click Here to email www.Chephrenrepairs.com

Lastly in this blog atricle I Mention a little program called FTP Manager, Yep this little program does what it says exactly; it allows you to create one or several FTP Accounts on your web server........ ..... what is an FTP Account you ask.....??? Well it essentially allows you to specify a user and a password for that user that can be used by you or indeed someone else to send a file up to your web server from another computer anywhere in the world..... powerfull is'nt it.......
in Newer blog articles expect to see more detail on how to use ftp, and on how to analyse web traffic.... what is that you ask?, well it is the http requests that come to your web site, for example if you go to lets say http://www.yahoo.com/and type in Computer Repairs in Reading, you find Chephrenrepairs.com, if you click on that link you create some web traffic.... thats real web traffic......
After the recient article on Smart FTP I now am writing another one on the same subject only giving you a bit more detail. We installed Smart FTP client Version 2.5.1006. now newer versions may become available over time, the main thing is to remember to install the 32 bit version for Windows XP and not the version for windows 2003 server (the 64 bit Version). I mentioned this in the last FTP Blog article!

In order to start Smart FTP: all you need to do is find the Icon on your Desk Top, (here we are assuming you have already downloaded the software and installed it). The Smart FTP Icon looks like a Globe with a red band round it and it has the words Smart FTP Client written directly underneath it, ( this I think you will agree is a good hint!!)
Just Double Click the icon on a Windows machine and bingo the Smart FTP Client opens up. However you can not connect to your Web Server Straight away, especially if this is the first time you have opened the Smart FTP Client up, Why you ask!!?? Well, in order to create a connection you need to log on... Yep log on is what i Said....
How to log on:

Looking at the FTP Client Window you see a lot of boxes and two mai pains. The Left Pain will represent the files on your web server and the other pain files on you local pc. Look near rthe top you see an address bar a login and a password... Mmmm, sounds complicated, well it is a bit but we are going to tell you here and now in this blog article what to put into these boxes.
Lets suppose your web site is called webspinners.com, and that the FTP user you created in C panel, (refer back to other FTP Article in this blog) is called bob, and the password is called flyingfish, Unlikley i know....!

Right... so in the address bar you type : ftp.webspinners.com
in the login box you type in bob@webspinners.com
and in the box called password you type in : flyingfish
Now you click on the green arrow at the end of the address bar then you should connnect. or press Ctrl and r. or you can go to the file menu, and choose file reconnect.

There are a few reasons why things may not work and i list some of them here so you can eliminate them yourself:
a. You have a firewall, that is a software firewall that has blocked your ftp client from sending packets out accross the internet, look when you ask the Smart FTP Client software to connect you may see a little window pop up saying : FTP Client trying to connect, allow, deny, allow once or what ever, click allow off course.
b. you may have typed in the user name incorrectly or the pass word incorectly, or the user name might be bob but you typed in Bob, not bob.
c. You may have put a space some where either in the stuff you typed in the address bar or in the user name or in the password. Bad idear, check this...

Another thing to remember is this: once you have connected to your Web Server the connection will stay connected for a while but not for ever: after a certain amount of time the connection will be dropped and you will have to reconnect youself.

Finally just how do you send your precious new web page you to the web server, well the easiest way is to firstly connect, see all the above, you know you are connected when all you web pages on the server in the left pain, and in the little box called Log you keep seeing lines like [12.05.42] NOOP and then lines like [12.05.42] 200 Zzz...

So to send a file up to the server there are several ways of doing this I am going to mention this just once, as in allo allo style. i shall say this only once...
Just locate the file you want to transfer in the right pain, click it drag it to the lefthand pain, but the right hand box of that left hand pain.... Why there you cry.... well that represents the root or top level of you web server which is where you should put web pages!!!!
Ok.... firstly why would you want to do this... well the answers simple, you have Web Page you have written and you want to get it on to your live web server, but you have not a copy of Dream Weaver that does all this for you and yu do not want or you can not really aford to buy Dram Weaver. so FTP is the answer. We decided to investigate...... there are lots of free FTP clients out there, we just googled FTP Free FTP Client, and found Smart FTP, you need to, if you have windows XP, download the version for Windows 2000 and XP, that is smart ftp client 32 bit, not the 64 bit version. Just down load it and you end up with an icon on you desk top run this and then you have a working FTP Client.... it works we tried it out.... ok there are many other ftp clients but why try out hundreds of them when you have one that works!!?

Look, the reason you want an FTP client is to send your files, primarily web pages, to your live web server. Of course you must create an FTP account on your server, that is your web server, or get some one to do this for you.....
How do you create an FTP account on your server? Well again there is a simple answer, If your Web Hosting Company provides you with a thing called C Panel, then log in to that, thats step one. Then look at the icons on the screen, and find the one called FTP Manager that step number two.
Now click on this icon and create a New FTP account, you will be asked to enter a login, a password, a quota, and a directory. Sounds complicated but it is not really....
look the login is the user name it could be Leslee or Bob or Fred, Steve, Willy or Jessy or Frank or what ever.
the Password is of course a password
the quota just leave alone
the last part is the directory, thus do you want this person to have access to place web pages on the very top level of your web space of do you want to limit hem to a specific folder within your web space, you decide. if you enter just a single / then you will give that person access to the top level of your web space and they can ftp up a file to place in the root or top space in your web space on your Web Server.

Once you have created the FTP Account just write down the user name and the password on a piece of paper you are not going to loose, the log out of C panel.

Now launch your Brand spanking new FTP client, how ??, well you will have an icon on you Desk top called something like smart FTP Client, just launch it in the normal way, double click on it.
This is the final and the most important part of this blog entry, and the bit you should really pay attention to like massively:
In order for you to actually you to use Smart FTP Client you must use two things, the user and the password, but not just Fred and freddypassword. Assuming the FTP user is Fred and their password is Freddypassword. no.........
Use User Fred@yourdomainname.com and then their password.
Look you No the user name it is the one you just created? You know their password you just created it in FTP Manager when you created the FTP Account. And you know the name of the web site you are trying to up load to. clearly on this site it is chephrenrepairs.com, but on your site it will be what ever your web site domain name is......... i.e it is the Domain name you purchased??