In this blog we are continuing to talk about the possible ways a virus could be delivered to your PC Via face book. You have heard of Face Book I guess, a lot of people are using it I think now!
Face book in itself provided you are very it savey is quite safe but it is being used more by people that want to infect your computer and that is just part of the problem....
Face book is for sure a social networking web site and people use it for passing messages about things between computer users, and you can see just in that last statement that that could provide a security risk in itself....

What can happen is that someone who is intent on spreading viruses creates a Face Book account, now that easy isn't it ,all you need, is an internet connection and a Working Computer and an E Mail Address, it could be any valid E Mail Address, so could be on an Exchange Server or even Web based Mail like Yahoo mail or G mail or any internet based e mail.

So you see there is no barrier there, go to this web page: Creating a Face Book Account

You see that is is a steal or a very simple little thing!
So here is the Hustle as they say, anyone can set up a face book account, and can then be anywhere in the World on Face Book on a little pc in a room perhaps in a Hotel or in the local Internet cafe... The person can then post information to Face Book, which I believe allows you to create photos to share as well as as actually create web links to any where on the web, now thats interesting, "You could create a link to anywhere on the web ", i.e. and Web Server in any country that is working and on the internet.
The person trying to deliver the virus might post a simple message like perhaps one that says Hi have a look at my new home video here ... Wow, and then put in a link to that video right there on the message. That message may take you to a web page where it looks like there is a video to view, but it might say that your copy of Adobe Flash Video Player is out of date., click on this link to update your Flash player. That link looks like a valid link to update Adobe Flash Video Player.