Its not a piece of cake and it will be easy provided you do do things in the right order.... Read this and think about it and if necessary make a few notes on a nice clean note pad and index that note.
The Advice in this blog applies to people using Window XP or XP Media Centre, things are slightly different for Vista and Windows 7 and 8 as the default place for my documents is different.

Firstly, You have got to back up all the folders that are My Music for each and every person on the computer. So make sure you have a big enough disk to do that first, and then make sure that you do this for each account on the computer. You must take this step and I recommend that you also get seperately any music that you find in the Shared Music Folder as well.

I Tunes is software from Apple, and you can run it on a Windows PC or on an Apple Macintosh Computer. Now then, Now then..... how about that then Boys and girls....Most people think that I Tunes is simply a piece of software that you can use to download music from I Tunes, but infact it is a lot more than that!

Yep still more people think that it is a piece of software that allows you to simply just download I tunes music and then add CDs that you have brought from various retail outlets. But allas athough that is true, I tunes is more than just that, it is effectively the comunications hub for your digital devices. I tunes allows you to move music onto your i pod, as well as playlists, but understanding whether you can move those back and what syncronising is, is in itself another complete blog article... and one we are going to write,,,,,,, so come back to the "Screetching Bald Eagle"

You may wonder what is the point of this article..... well the point is this, if you are going to run a program to initate a restoring of an image back on to you main hard drive, you will obliterate your entire, I say entire, music collection for every person that uses the computer. However, once you have copied the music folders for every user and checked their size against the files on the computer, you now have a way back to getting all the music, art work and play lists back once more on your computer. Tel. 0118 9352873 or 07519 134333.

So How do you get all your music back that Itunes had in its librarys? We are going to tell you right here and now.....
You need to clearly restore your computer using the special program that puts the image of windows onto the computer, thats step no. 1.

Now step number 2. Is to put the entire contents of the folder called My Music, back into the place where it would normally live on the computer. Ok here is some help--- say you name is fred, you create and account on the computer called fred, with no password on it and you put the directory My Music in to;
C:\Documents and Settings\fred\My Documents\
its clear that My Music lives inside My Documents. That is that step.

Step no. 3. Now install Itunes, yep do this step after step 2. (Remember if you have I tunes on the computer at this stage, uninstall it....) in order to do so you must uninstall 6 things in a specific order.... we will give this to you in the next blog article so come back to "The Screetching Bald Eagle". Once I tunes is installed, reboot the machine and then log into each and every account on the computer.

Step no. 4. Whilst logged in you simply open up I Tunes, and then be patient ----- I Tunes will go and look for the music and will rebuild its database including all your play lists ---- you must be patient at this stage and leave the computer on clearly! It is really important that you do these steps in the order they are written here.

We do, infact, recommend that you get a program that can backup, or in effect make a copy of your My Music folder on a seperate Hard Disk Drive say once every 3 months say. or one that does this automatically, better still!.