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Here We have a Very Basic Web Page.

The page was created in Dream weaver, Just open up Dream Weaver and choose File | New | Basic Page | HTML. This will create some html code for you but you need to know that a web page has a head and a body tag. If you are viewing the code and you are not viewing the design, simply find the bit of code that says <body>. Immediately next door to this is where you will insert your code that actually puts you fireworks graphic in to the web page. Remember, You will create the graphics in Fireworks, and you can save the file as a .png file. But you must Export the finished fireworks graphic into the Image folder in the root of your web Site. So if your Web site in Dream weaver is called say chephren, then there will be a folder or directory called images inside the folder called chephren.

Remember. You Create the graphic using Fireworks, you can save it and this will give you a file ending in the extension .png. You may for example create two areas on the fireworks document (called slices), See this page for details. and once you have sized your slices you may save the file and then in Fireworks choose -

File | Export | Save

Remember on this page I said that fireworks creates a load of files when you export the image, well , yes it will, but you will see that it will create one file called sidemenutop.html and then others called something like sidemenutop_r1_c1.gif and other similar to this but not exactly the same. Why does it do this?? The Answer is that when this file export save command is used fireworks creates several different files to represent the various slices you created and one single file ending in .htm to represent the whole thing you created. This is automatically done so you better get used to it fast.. the first time you see it it will bake your noodle and make you think what's going on!!

"So which File do I place into my Dream weaver Document to get the graphics into My Web page "

The File you need is the one called sidemenutop.htm. How exactly do I get it into the Dream weaver document then? Answer: In Dream Weaver..... go to the Main menu and Choose Insert | Image Objects | Fireworks HTML, Then browse to the file called sidemenutop.htm. Choose Open


" I'm really confused Why are there these files called sidemenutop.gif , and why that name"

This is no accident.. The name comes from the name that you gave the file when you first saves the work in Fireworks... Thus if you open fireworks place some slices (this is a term used in Fireworks, they are Green Rectangles.. the Slice tool is found half way down the toolbox, in the section labeled Web.) on to the document and then save the file as sidemenutop, then of course you will actually save sidemenutop.png and hence the files created when you export will get this name also.....