Ok so the next size up for an image shot on a digital camera might well be 1600 x 1200, producing an image or around 600 or 700K ish size. It just so happens that we have on of those also, and we have placed it on the page below; again a picture of Sonning church, but this time the image is a bigger file and will take longer slightly to download from the web server;   [Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more text and a link to the next page in this series]

OK, so here we have a 1600 by 1200 image of Sonning Church, clearly taken from inside looking at a rather splendid Stained Glass window .I put it into paint shop pro and just rotated it, as the original was on its side having been saved by the camera that way,The original image is 609KB, and the property inspector or dream weaver reports that it is now 543KB, why is less is a good question? You've guessed it, that the next image on the next page is a different and larger format again, and you might struggle a bit if you have a dial up modem that is anything but the fastest dial up modem with every speed up function and software on it!! You are probably wondering what is the point of these pages, well it is simple really, firstly to see what different image settings produce on a digital camera, secondly to work out what they look like if bunged on a page without being edited or optimized for a web page, and lastly so you can see how images are best handled by php and Mysql.... at the present chephrenrepairs.com is writing pages for http://www.headwaythamesvalley.org so that they can edit their web page content quickly and easily, and part of that will be an event manager written in php with the records stored in a Mysql database on the web server.. More images and more explanation.